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The Full Moon Event

The Full Moon Event

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A touching tale of unlikely friends and the jerk who tries to kill them.

Please note that these are not kids books! They contain adult themes, adult humor, and mild adult language.

Paulie Vergen is your average, everyday vampire. He's short, overweight, balding, and has only one fang. He's also a bit lacking in the realm of self-confidence.

Life was what it was for Paulie until the day a newly infected werewolf landed on his doorstep. That day launched the one (and only, to point) adventure that Paulie had ever had...and it was a doozy.

Since new werewolves suffer from amnesia when in human form, Paulie calls the man Burt Biscuits—he's Mr. Biscuits when in doggie mode. It should also be noted that in the land of Ononokin, werewolves change every night except when there's a full moon. That's the time when they retain their human physicality and do their best to procreate.

It's weird.

Now, Paulie must help Burt get to Yezan, the land of the werewolves, in order to help the poor man get back his memories.

It won't be an easy journey, though. A notable assassin by the name of Stelan Bumache has been hired to kill Burt. More surprising, the person who hired him is the king of the werewolves!

Regardless, Paulie knows he can't abandon Burt to his fate, even though vampires and werewolves are inherently sworn enemies. He'll need to dig deep and push himself like he's never done before.

He can only hope he'll be able to navigate the treacherous path across Ononokin while avoiding attempts from Stelan Bumache to kill both him and Mr. Biscuits...

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