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Netherworld Paranormal Police Department Box Set

Netherworld Paranormal Police Department Box Set

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15 hours, 45 minutes of audio fun!

She never wanted a damn partner...

This series is loaded with dirty jokes and adult language.

Meet Piper Shaw. She's one of the Netherworld Paranormal Police Department's toughest. She's also an immortal, and she's got one hell of a chip on her shoulder.

Meet Reaper Payne. He's an actual reaper. Yes, one of those guys who ferries the dead. Unfortunately, he broke a rule of his order, and it was a doozy. His punishment is to dwell alongside the living for one hundred years.

They're both Retrievers in the PPD. Essentially, they hunt in the Overworld (a.k.a. topside) to bring back supernaturals who have overstayed their welcome.

Piper is clear about one thing: She does not want a partner.

They just became partners.

Book 1: Blood Crossed
Piper and Reaper must track down and bring Gallien Cross back to the Netherworld before the vampire can wreck more havoc on the normals.See, he’s turning them into vampire zombies. Not vampires. Not zombies. Vampire zombies. The guy is an overachiever of mayhem.

Book 2: Bane's Edge
Lucien Bane wants blood. After turning from a mild-mannered wolf into a near-uber who is bent on dominating the city, he's now taken up shop in Alcatraz. And he's not alone. He's convinced a number of wolves to follow him by claiming he's descended from a god.

Book 4: Deathly Temperance
Temperance is the queen of the fae. After tasting true power at the hands of an evil mage, she's bent on ruling the Netherworld. She wants it all...and she wants it now.

Book 4: Major Feeding
Keller wants to take over the Netherworld PPD. After decades of waiting, he's finally weakened the precinct enough to take his shot. Now is the time to strike.It'll take everything the PPD has to stand their ground and stop him. But sometimes numbers just aren't enough. They've been depleted pretty badly.

Book 5: Netherworld Rift
After Keller decimated the Netherworld PPD, Piper and her crew take it upon themselves to bring the fight to him. But is there a traitor in their midst? Only time will tell...

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