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Deathly Temperance

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3 hours of audio fun!

The fae queen is beautiful. Too bad it's only skin deep...

This series is loaded with dirty jokes and adult language.

Temperance is the queen of the fae. After tasting true power at the hands of an evil mage, she's bent on ruling the Netherworld. She wants it all...and she wants it now.

The chief of the Netherworld PPD calls all hands on deck to fight this new threat. But there's a problem. Piper and Payne are Retrievers, which means they have no jurisdiction in the Netherworld. Worse, their trainees, Officers Brazen and Kix, have been kidnapped by the fae. Even more fun, they get assigned a stoned wizard who has a serious case of the munchies.

Piper & Payne have to break the rules and sneak into Faeland if they're to stop all of this.

Getting caught is not an option, and failure means the end of the Netherworld as they know it.

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