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Bob the Zombie

Bob the Zombie

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An adventurous tale about a zombie who just wants to get his hand back...

Please note that these are not kids books! They contain adult themes, adult humor, and mild adult language.

Bob is a zombie who was just going about his business when a band of thieves stole his hand so they could make a batch of Elfagra in the Upperworld.

It's bad enough that they've taken a part of his body for such a purpose, but one wrong move while attempting to make the concoction could cost Bob his life! Granted, he's technically undead, but this is the kind of mistake that would make him dead dead.

Modacio is a thief who made an enormous mistake on her last job. It was so bad, in fact, that it resulted in the Thieves Guild putting an incredibly high price on her head. Working with her partner in crime, an ogre named Kone, she sets into place a plan to deliver a gift to the head of the Guild. Success will take her off the Guild's Most Wanted list. Unfortunately, it means she'll need to take the hand of a zombie, get to the Upperworld, and make a working batch of Elfagra.

She's not exactly fond of having to take the zombie's hand, but better his hand than her life.

Bob turns to his only real friend, Perkder Stonepebble. The two slap on disguises and begin a journey to the Upperworld, hoping to stop the thieves before it's too late...

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