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A Quest of Undoing

A Quest of Undoing

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A drunk wizard.
A former apprentice seeking revenge.
A troop of oddballs who need some serious help.
Please note that these are not kids books! They contain adult themes, adult humor, and mild adult language.

Whizzfiddle the wizard has a problem. His past apprentice, the vindictive Treneth of Dahl, has brought up legislation claiming Whizzfiddle has never completed a quest to the letter of the contract.

The Wizards' Guild deliberates and sentences Whizzfiddle to find a quest, get it contracted, and finish it to the letter within 30 days.

Whizzfiddle is beside himself with angst. He's old, grumpy, tired, and rather fond of avoiding anything even remotely resembling work. At the same time, failure would force him to consider returning to a life of farming.

It's a daunting thought.

Sadly, it gets worse.

Whizzfiddle has been doing magical quests for so many years that everything has grown stale. Picking up just any old quest would be the smart thing to do, especially with the time constraints, but Whizzfiddle just can't help himself. Saving princesses, helping knights fight dragons, and those blasted take-the-magic-ring-and-burn-it-in-a-lava-lake quests are simply too tedious to imagine.

Frankly, he's so tired of those types of quests that farming almost sounds interesting in comparison.

But Whizzfiddle, lazy as he is, has never been one to back down from a challenge, especially one forced on him by a weenie like Treneth of Dahl.

And so, as wizards do, he puts out a notice that he is looking to join a questing party. It's not long before a line has formed at the infamous Gilly's Pub, the place where Whizzfiddle does all his wizardly business.

After dismissing countless hopefuls, a band of oddballs appears.

There is a terrified knight, a massive dwarf, a decidedly unattractive elf, and a giant who has been squashed down to the size of an overgrown hobbit.

It's instantly clear to Whizzfiddle that this party has been magically altered and they're in need of a Quest of Undoing.

While this particular quest is known to be wrought with pitfalls, it has something going for it that Whizzfiddle can't's one he's never done before. The question, though, is whether or not he can get the contract in place and actually return each of those in the party back to their original splendor, and do so within the blasted 30-day deadline.

No matter what happens, though, at least he'll always have booze as the source of his magical powers. That's something they can't take away...probably.

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